Boost Your Sales by Advertising on

Advertising on is an excellent way to get more eyes on your amazing products, but how does it work exactly? And how can you use it most effectively to ensure that you are not wasting money?

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on

From my experience, advertising on can lead to increased sales. However, you will pay for each click your ad receives. It is crucial to determine whether you are earning more from your ads than you are spending on them.

When you advertise, your products will be displayed in two places:

  1. In the rankings/list page;
  2. On the product page of similar products.

Key Considerations

There are several important things to consider when advertising on

  • Do you want to set your own budget for clicks and keywords (manual advertising), or will you outsource this to (automatic advertising)?
  • Do you trust the software provided by that manages your ads automatically? This is a decision you need to make.

Benefits of Each Advertising Method

Automatic Advertising:

  1. Set it and forget it; will handle your ads.
  2. Requires little time and effort as everything is managed for you.

Manual Advertising:

  1. Choose the keywords you want to bid on yourself.
  2. Configure the system to optimally work for your product.
  3. Advertise on keywords that are less searched due to lower costs and potentially high returns.

For both methods, it is crucial to monitor the ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale), which should not exceed your desired spend per sale. If it does, the advertisement may not be right for you and may need adjustments.

Additional Information

For more details on advertising through, you can visit:


By carefully choosing and managing your advertising approach on, whether manual or automatic, you can efficiently increase visibility and sales of your products without unnecessary expenditure. Remember to keep a close eye on your spending and returns to ensure the effectiveness of your advertising strategy.