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Thanks to the product research tool, you always know what is going on in the market. Gain insights into sale trends and see which products are high in demand. Get direct insights into the turnover figures of the best-selling products on bol.com. Set your filters very easily and see which products match the criteria. Search through the 200,000 products from the database and discover your next bestsellers in just a few clicks. Doing product research has never been easier.

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Product research can be done in many different ways. In the product categories overview you can get insights for all subcategories of bol.com. The best-selling products of these subcategories are shown in order. The sales performance of the best-selling products reflects the product's potential. Add the products with potential to your watchlist and make sure you always stay up-to-date.

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Product Research

It is important to keep your product research organized. You can track any product from bol.com in the Product Tracker. Easily link different products to a group and get a complete view of your research. It is possible to track 250 products simultaneously. This way you can easily carry out your product research on a large scale. Determine your purchasing strategy based on numbers and achieve greater returns.

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Doing product research has never been easier

Get immediate insight into the current sales performance of the products on bol.com. Below the price of the product on the Bol.com website you will find the turnover per month of the product. You can also click on the FiveX icon in the top right corner.

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