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Financial insight

  • Financial analytics dashboard
  • Profit calculation
  • Connect all your marketplaces
  • Product ranking tracker
  • 70+ KPI insights per product
  • Up to date stock value
  • FiveX app (iOS/ Android)

FiveX guarantees you an up to date overview of your sales. The Gross margins are clearly displayed on product base. 

Business management and optimizing the stock begins with the right financial data insights.

Advertising insights 

  • All advertising KPIs at a glance
  • Export the data
  • Compare periods
  • TACoS instant insight

Instantly see how well the ads are performing at the product level. Easily compare different time periods and see what impact the ads are making on organic rankings and profits.

Custom dashboard

  • Create unlimited dashboards
  • Make of the FiveX API
  • Dashboards by channel or brand
  • Shareable link
  • Always up-to-date

Creating your own dashboard with desired KPIs has never been easier for business performance. Easily create and share results with colleagues and keep everyone involved.

Keyword ranking

  • Track the ranking of keywords
  • Compare positions over time
  • Search volumes by keyword
  • Use ranking with ads
  • Export positions

The organic ranking of your products is crucial in achieving your sales goals. Easily track the most important keywords for your products so you can always steer for maximum results.

E-mail manager 

  • Sent unlimited e-mails
  • Generate more product reviews
  • Automate your invoices
  • Personalised e-mails
  • HTML & visual editor
  • E-mail open-rate
  • Add e-mail attachments

Improve customer contact and get productreviews. With the automatic e-mails, you can easily set up personalized emails for a product group or the entire assortment.. 

Avoid customer questions about the product and give e-mails to a professional branding of your company.

Stock manager

  • Multiple stock locations  
  • Stel voorrad alerts in  
  • Stock purchase management 
  • Stock value overview
  • Manage multiple API's

In addition to missed sales does running out of stock also make your products drop in the ranking on the platform. Prevent miscalculations in stock and maintain an overview of price fluctuations for a product.

Product research

  • Create product followlists (250 products)
  • Product database (400.000 products)
  • Chrome extension  
  • profit calculator  
  • Bestsellers per category  
  • Discover up-to-date best sellers  
  • Discover search trends  

Finding best sellers has never been this easy. You can easily find good selling products within the Chrome extension and database.  

Base your assortment on market opportunities for maximum results.

Personal service

  • Mail, chat and calls
  • Personal onboarding  
  •         (from 1000 orders)
  • More profit garanteed  
  • Trainingsvideo's  

The growth of your company comes first. With personal guidance, we offer the perfect setup to generate more profit true online sales. 

We are ready to give you the personal guidance you need to get the maximal result.

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What our customers say.

In the past year, we have scaled up to 500 orders per day with the bol.com business. We work with several Dutch suppliers. Through FiveX, we can very easily see which products to buy from a supplier. This has allowed us to achieve a lot of sales within a short period of time. 

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I was one of the first parties to participate in bol.com's partner program. A lot has changed in recent years. There is now much more competition on the platform. It is therefore very important that you know what is going on within bol.com and how you can add value. The tools of FiveX help me with this. I mainly use the Business Manager to check the sales results of my store several times a day.  

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I myself have been selling through bol.com for a year now. FiveX's systems have helped me a lot over the past year. I base my product research on the figures I get from the research tool. That way I quickly know which products have a lot of potential. I also make use of the Business Manager. The automatic emails and inventory system support me in running the business. 

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