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Insify has a wide range of fair insurance for any business. They are Transparent and able to provide insurance within a day. FiveX enjoys helping clients properly insure their e-commerce business.

Solutions & opportunities

  • Business liability insurance - Covers property and personal injury damage to others. This insurance covers property damage and personal injury caused by you and your employees. In addition, as a manufacturer, you are responsible for damages caused by the products you sell. With Insify's business liability insurance, you are automatically covered.
  • Inventory and Goods Insurance - Covers damage to inventory due to fire, leakage or burglary. If your stock or inventory (for example, shelving or an order picking system) suffers damage, due to leakage, fire or burglary, it can have major consequences for your business. With Insify's inventory and goods insurance, you cover this risk and sleep better.

More about the collaboration

IInsify offers insurance policies that perfectly fit the unique challenges of your business and the items you sell online. As a business, you are responsible for your employees, for example, in case of an accident in your warehouse, but also for the items you sell to customers (product liability). Are you looking for affordable insurance with transparent terms and conditions that cover the risks of selling products online? Then Insify offers the solution.
Curious about your premium?

Go to the website of Insify, look at the various insurances and calculate your premium directly. The premium calculation is entirely without obligation, you are not bound by anything. Insify's insurances can be cancelled daily.

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Easily view and calculate the cost of customized insurance. 
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