Most Popular Marketplaces and Webshops in the Netherlands: Where to Best Sell Your Products

Most Popular Marketplaces and Webshops in the Netherlands: Where to Best Sell Your Products

With all the options available today for selling your products, it can be challenging to decide where to start or expand your e-commerce business. This article lists some of the most popular options in the Netherlands, providing you with enough information to make an informed decision about which sales channel to pursue.

Popular Marketplaces in the Netherlands

One of the key factors for marketplaces is the amount of traffic they receive. According to a study by Shopping Tomorrow, about 73% of all Dutch consumers start their product search on a major marketplace like or Amazon, often because they have previously succeeded in finding the desired product there. This trend away from starting searches on Google is crucial for e-commerce entrepreneurs to note. Having a webshop is good, but don't miss out on sales by not also listing your products on a marketplace. Below are some of the most popular marketplaces in the Netherlands:

    • is one of the largest sales platform options within the Netherlands, with over 10 million consumers and more than 20,000 sellers. Starting on is straightforward and free, though you will pay commissions on your sales.
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  2. Amazon (Netherlands)
    • Although Amazon is a well-known e-commerce giant globally, it only started in the Netherlands in 2020. Over the past two years, Amazon Netherlands has grown significantly, making international expansion easier for local businesses.
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    • For those focusing strictly on the Dutch market, is another excellent option alongside This comparison site attracts over 4 million consumers monthly who are looking to compare products from different marketplaces and sellers.
  4. Kaufland
    • Kaufland offers access to Germany's largest and fastest-growing marketplace, which has recently become well-known even among Dutch consumers. With 32 million monthly visitors, it's a great option if you are targeting German-speaking countries.
  5. eBay
    • eBay, the global auction site for new and second-hand goods, is also popular in the Netherlands. It allows for a wide variety of products and offers substantial reach with 147 million active consumers globally.
  6. VidaXL
    • VidaXL is a rapidly growing platform selling home and garden products. If your products fall into these categories, VidaXL could be the right choice, with 120 million unique visitors per year.
  7. Fruugo
    • Fruugo, based in the UK, supports international sales by automating product information translation and currency conversion. It serves 25 million active users and aims to simplify purchasing products from around the world.

Popular Webshop Builders in the Netherlands

If you prefer not to use a marketplace, building your own webshop is the perfect solution. Here are some top webshop builders available in the Netherlands:

  1. Magento
    • An Adobe product, Magento is ideal for larger webshops due to its scalability and customization capabilities, making it perfect for businesses looking to lead in their markets.
  2. PrestaShop
    • PrestaShop allows for quick setup and personalization of webshops using ready-made templates, making it efficient and user-friendly.
  3. Lightspeed
    • Specifically designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs, Lightspeed offers a comprehensive array of webshop solutions from construction to marketing and internationalization.
  4. WooCommerce
    • An open-source eCommerce platform on WordPress, WooCommerce provides flexibility and extensive options through its integration with a vast network of trusted partners.
  5. Shopify
    • Shopify is a renowned global leader in webshop platforms, offering user-friendly interfaces, extensive customization options, and seamless integration with multiple sales channels. It is especially favored by startups and medium-sized businesses due to its ease of use and efficient management features.

    Multichannel Selling

    If you're already selling on any of these platforms, consider expanding your sales to multichannel. This approach utilizes the active visitor bases of giant marketplaces like or Amazon to maximize your exposure and sales.

    Managing Multichannel Sales:

    Multichannel selling can complicate inventory and overall profit tracking. Using tools like FiveX, you can maintain oversight of your business across different platforms.