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Profit and Loss Dashboard

Having a real-time Profit & Loss (P&L) overview of all your e-commerce sales channels offers immense benefits. It not only provides immediate insight into your business performance, but also allows for swift decision-making.

You can spot trends, identify underperforming channels, and quickly implement changes to mitigate losses or capitalize on opportunities. 

This proactive approach to financial management can boost profitability, enhance operational efficiency, and give you a competitive edge in the dynamic e-commerce marketplace.

Product insights

Being able to zoom into a single product for a 360-degree analyses offers additional strategic advantages. This granular view can reveal specifics about a product’s profitability, sales velocity, customer preferences, and return rates across different channels. 

It can also highlight issues with product descriptions, pricing, or supply chain that could be impacting sales or customer satisfaction. 

This level of detail enables you to make data-driven decisions about pricing, marketing, inventory management, and product development. It facilitates rapid, focused action, and ensures you’re maximizing the potential of each product in your portfolio.

Ranking & SEO

Optimizing your e-commerce marketplace ranking through SEO can significantly increase visibility, leading to more traffic and potential sales. It helps you reach a wider audience organically, reducing reliance on paid advertising. 

Additionally, better SEO practices can enhance the user experience, improving engagement and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.         


Optimizing e-commerce marketplace advertising campaigns can significantly boost your return on ad spend. It allows you to reach targeted audiences more effectively, leading to higher conversion rates.

Moreover, refined campaigns can help you manage your ad budget more efficiently, reducing wasted spend on low-performing ads. This can ultimately increase overall sales, profitability, and brand visibility.

We integrate with your business

Use FiveX as an analytics extension that integrates with your current systems.

  • Free plugins to integrate e-commerce platforms.
  • Connect marketplace API's for a seemsless integration.
  • Integrate with our REST API for a custom integration with your ERP.
  • Share data with ease via the export connections like BigQuery and others.

The numbers speak for themselves

Discover the Power of Data: Transforming Insights into Action with FiveX.


Revenue growth with first 6 months
Due to organic ranking improvements, organic traffic growth and better use of advertisement.


RoAS improvement in first year
Due to better advertising visibility, optimisation of low-performing targets, and unveiling new relevant targets.


Time save per month
Due to Thanks to automated reporting and insights, faster and easier access to data and quicker insights discovery.

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