Integrate with your e-commerce channels in seconds

Integrate with your e-commerce channels in seconds

Not a single line of code is required.

The superior e-commerce analytics tool

Accessing the information you need should be frictionless.

  • Automate
    Link your various sales channels and streamline data centralization. Keep track of all sales effortlessly with automated processes.

  • Enrich
    Enhance your sales data with key metrics like rankings and market share. Get a full picture of your business performance.

  • Visualize
    Let the data speak for itself. Utilize ready-to-use dashboards, no coding required. Delve into the details without any fuss.

  • AI Advice
    Allow AI to take the load. FiveX's unique advice module is built on the success patterns of top market sellers.

    Always Have Your Financial Numbers at Your Fingertips

    Despite the varying data provided by different platforms, we enhance your sales data by adding crucial keyword rankings. This ensures you always have a clear view of your products' visibility, empowering your decision-making and strategic planning in the competitive e-commerce marketplace.

    Business dashboard

    Keywords ranking at the product level

    The ranking of a product within a platform is crucial to its results. Within FiveX, it is possible to track the position of a product on a particular keyword. This allows you to immediately see if a product is rising or falling. See the search volume on the words to maximize sales.

    Product: Terrace heater
    EAN: 968724953929

    Search term

    Terrace heater


    Heather Electric

    Outdoor heating






    Search volume






    Use AI Insights for Effective Changes

    Turning data into actionable steps can be challenging. We identify the most impactful actions for each product. Quickly filter through hundreds of thousands of products in just seconds.

    Business course

    Advertising integration

    With ad integration, you always keep a good overview of performance. Ad costs are broken down by product level, so you know how profitable an ad actually is. With smart filters, you can see what the CTR, TACOS and other KPIs tell you about the ads.

    Business course


    Design Tailored Dashboards with Your Business's Key Metrics

    Easily design your own dashboard with key insights from your business. Select the desired periods, KPIs and graphs to let the data speak for itself. The custom dashboards are used by many of our customers to always keep insight into current results.

    Share results with ease to get everyone involved

    • Free plugins to integrate e-commerce platforms.
    • Connect marketplace API's for a seemsless integration.
    • Integrate with our REST API for a custom integration with your ERP.
    • Share data with ease via the export connections like BigQuery, Zapier and others.

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