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  Business Manager

Sales results
product manager

Without a clear understanding of the numbers, it is very difficult to run a business. The various mediation fees, price adjustments and discount offers make it difficult to get a clear picture of the results. With the Business Manager you always have insight into the profit. In addition, you get all sales results in an overview. Optimise your range for increased profits. 


Management Tool

Improve customer contact

Automatic e-mails

Good contact with customers is very rewarding. A professional e-mail can eliminate customer questions and give the ordering experience a personal touch. Members who use the automated e-mail campaigns get an average of six times more reviews on the products. The social proof helps tremendously in selling the products.

Never out of stock 

Stock Management

Managing inventory can be tricky. Running out of stock will not only cause you to miss out on sales, but the ranking of the product will also drop within bol.com. With the Stock Manager of FiveX, you always know when you need to restock products. The system also lets you know when products need to be replenished at the bol warehouse. Set up stock alerts and get better sales results.  

Business course

Multichannel beheer koppelingen

Multichannel management
Koppel al je verkoopkanalen aan FiveX

It can be hard to keep track on your business when selling on multiple channels. One of the great advantages of FiveX's tools is that you can link all your sales channels. In this way, all your sales from all channels are brought together into one clear overview.

  Product Research


The demand of the market
Product Database

Thanks to the product research tool, you always know what's going on in the market. Get insight into sales trends and see which products are in high demand. Get direct insight into the sales figures of the best-selling products on bol.com. Simply set your filters and see which products match your criteria. Search through the 200,000 products in the database. Discover your next bestsellers with just a few clicks. Doing product research has never been easier.   

Get product inspiration

Product Categories

Het There are several ways to do product research. In the Product Categories overview you get insight in all the subcategories of bol.com. The best selling products of these subcategories are shown in order. The sales performance of the best-selling products indicates the potential of the product. Add the product. Add the product with potential to your watch list and then always stay up-to-date.  

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Business course

Organise your research        

Product Research

It's important to keep your product research organised. In the Product Tracker you can track any bol.com product. Easily link different products to a group and get an overall view of your research. It is possible to track 250 products at a time. This way you can easily conduct your product research on a large scale. Determine your purchasing strategy based on figures and achieve greater returns.  

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