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Let the numbers work for you.

We make data your biggest asset

FiveX emerged in 2019 from a lack of actionable data. The online retail market has changed a lot with the advent of marketplaces. Marketplaces have a huge advantage in many areas including data. Making business decisions on reliable data increases the chances of success many times over. We are currently helping hundreds of international and leading brands optimize online sales results.

Let the data speak

We believe in data and focus all our time and energy on making company data available that can really be managed. An overall picture of the company with all results broken down to product and order level. The days of merging Excel files and spending hours collecting data for global insight are over. Let the automation work for you and let the data speak for you.

Work hard, play harder

In recent years FiveX has grown rapidly, constantly increasing the market and number of marketplaces. FiveX is always looking for new talent to join the team. Would you like to work at a start-up with global growth ambitions contact us or take a look at

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