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Frequently asked questions

How can I keep financial overview if I sell multichannel?

FiveX offers you the possibility to connect your different sales channels so that you can view your results per sales channel or all your linked sales channels at a glance.

How do I generate more reviews?

Reviews are an important factor for conversion and ranking on your sales channels. Within FiveX you can use the automatic mail tool to increase the customer experience and generate as many reviews as possible!


How does the FiveX business manager work?

After creating an account, the link with your sales account is made. From that moment on, FiveX's system will synchronise every 5 minutes to load the orders. The algorithms then determine what the sales results are. It is possible to display the sales results in any period.

Are there integrations with other platforms?

As for now, we have made it possible to connect FiveX with your, Amazon, Woocommerce, Magento, Presta shop, Lightspeed, Kaufland and Wix store.

Do you work together with

FiveX is a fully independent party. However, agreements have been made to integrate the software as well as possible with the systems. When changes occur within, we are the first to be informed.

Am I tied to FiveX?

As soon as the link with the sales account is successful, the free 10-day trial starts. During the trial, you can determine whether the service meets your needs. The subscription can be cancelled monthly.

Is our data safe with FiveX?

FiveX is a fully independent party. Your data will be secured with the highest possible care. You can find all measures in the privacy statement.

How does FiveX's ProfitMAX work?

Based on the data in FiveX you can set business rules to maximize your profit.

Why FiveX?

FiveX ensures that you can manage your entire e-commerce business from one program because our software is multichannel. We also never sit still at FiveX, so we are working day and night to improve the tools. This means that FiveX continues to improve and always grows with your business.