Why is branding so important for your e-commerce business? How do you set up a brand for your e-commerce business and how does it affect your sales?


By Milo Zwemmer, UX designer

Posten on 14 February, 2022

In the e-commerce world, it is of enormous importance that your product stands out among all the competition. One of the best ways to stand out in the crowd is to have strong branding. With strong branding, you can ensure that consumers feel a greater affinity for your product and thus are more likely to choose your product over that of the competition. In this article, we will cover why it is even more important to use branding for your e-commerce business and will provide tips on how to have the strongest branding possible.

Why you should use branding for your e-commerce business

The main reason for employing strong branding is to stand out in the crowd. In a market with some 80,000 competing entrepreneurs in the Netherlands alone, it is vital that you differentiate yourself with your products and brand. Strong branding ensures not only that you stand out in the crowd, but also that customers feel a certain connection to your business. It exudes trust and professionalism and improves the sales experience for consumers. The moment your product strikes a chord and consumers are satisfied, they will link it directly to your brand. This means they will be more likely to buy from your brand again in the future.

Start by identifying and specifying your target audience

Before you can start creating a strong brand, you need to have a clear idea of who you are creating the brand for. Try to get a clear picture of your target audience and their reasons for buying your product. Understanding your target audience can be a bit difficult at the beginning and require quite a bit of research. Still, the effort is well worth it. After all, once you have insight into your target group, you can use the entire branding, marketing and other communications in an even more targeted way for better sales results. So you get more value out of all your possible campaigns.

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Establish and communicate a clear brand mission

By standing for something with your brand and living a clear mission, consumers can feel even more connected to your company. So it is very important that your mission statement appeals to your target audience. Make sure the mission is in line with what consumers can achieve with your products. Consider Nike's mission statement, "Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world," where they clearly communicate what they hope to achieve with the sale of their products. The more often you communicate about the mission, the more consumers will remember your company's mission and the sooner consumers may even want to commit to the same mission.

Highlight USPs of your business

By thinking carefully about your company's unique selling points and communicating them clearly with branding, you can convince consumers to choose your product. Think about what your company's core values are and what you try to implement in all the products you sell. You use these USPs as brand promises, so to speak. Examples of USPs are sustainable, high-quality, child-friendly or fair. You can give these brand promises extra power by giving a guarantee. Again, this provides a confidence boost for your brand and products.

Come up with a catchy brand name and recognizable logo

A professional logo or catchy name can leave an impactful impression on consumers. Especially when you are going to put the logo and brand name on products, it is important that people can appreciate it and start recognizing it. When coming up with a good brand name, you should choose something original that is easy to remember. Make sure the name is not similar to those of competitors because then consumers may confuse your brand with the competition. The logo should also be unique with a recognizable look. A logo becomes your company's stamp and should compliment a product rather than make it less attractive. Gebruik dus professionele tools om een logo te maken of schakel hier een ontwerper voor in.

Zorg voor een pakkende slogan voor je brand/producten

If you want to make sure your brand sticks with consumers a little better, you can use another catchy slogan. A short phrase that represents your brand and is creative enough to remember. By actively using this part of the branding again in all communication, consumers will eventually think of your brand when they hear the slogan. Examples of slogans that everyone knows are:

Just do it! - Nike
I’m Lovin’ It. - McDonald’s
Red Bull gives you wings - Red Bull
Open Happiness. - Coca-Cola
Think Different - Apple

Product branding

After setting up your branding, you will need to implement your brand style in the appearance of your products. If you do this well, consumers can recognize at a glance whether a product comes from your brand. This is especially important when consumers have had a pleasant buying experience from a previous purchase and link this positive experience to other products from the same brand.

Use social media for your brand communication

Branding alone will not get you there. No brand automatically gets the recognition it deserves. By actively using social media channels for your brand communication, you can create considerable brand awareness in a fairly short period of time. In addition to using social media channels for brand awareness, you can also use it to optimize customer support. Helping customers through social media not only gives the helped customer a nice experience, but also allows multiple people online to see how a customer was well served by your brand and company.

Need help branding your e-commerce business?

Setting up successful branding is easier said than done. Want help with this or simply to know where to improve? Then contact us and we will make sure you will end up with one of our agency partners that fits your needs exactly.

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