Marketplaces for furniture and home goods. Where is the best place to sell furniture and home goods?


By Milo Zwemmer

Posted on 31 March, 2022

Do you want to start an e-commerce business in the furniture category? Or are you already active in furniture selling and you are curious about which marketplace you could expand your business. Then this article is for you, in this blog we will cover all the marketplaces specifically for selling furniture and home goods. We will describe each marketplace as completely as possible, we do this so you can decide for your business through which sales channel you want to start selling.

1. Bol.com & Amazon (inter/national)

When you talk about marketplaces, it is impossible not to think of Bol.com or Amazon. Well of course these marketplaces are not directly specialized in the field of furniture and home goods, yet they do offer a huge amount of products within this category. If you don't already sell on one of these two mega channels, these marketplaces are worth considering anyway. In two other articles we cover what it means to sell through these channels and what costs are involved.

2. Fonq (national)

Fonq is in its own words, the online store that helps you decorate your home. They have a very wide assortment specifically for furniture and home goods. Because Fonq has selected such a specific category of products, they are also quite selective in the type of sellers or products they allow on their marketplace. To start selling you need to make an acceptance request, once Fonq is interested in your products they will contact you.

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3. Blokker (national)

Within the Netherlands, Blokker is a well-known name in household and home retail. Blokker has also worked hard in recent years on their online marketplace. Through Blokker Connect, they have made it easy for external sellers to offer their products through their online marketplace. With about 4 million visitors a month, Blokker is great for selling your furniture and home goods.

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4. Etsy (national)

Etsy is the creative platform where millions of shoppers search for unique products to buy directly from creative entrepreneurs. Etsy has an extensive assortment in home, living and decoration. This international sales platform is really focused on unique products and the target audience is also specifically looking for this. So once your products fall into this category, this is the perfect marketplace for you.

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5. HomeDeco (national)

HomeDeco is a marketplace purely focused on home and garden decoration and furniture. This Dutch marketplace attracts around 1 million visitors per month, including 250,000 unique visitors, all looking for home and decoration items within many different categories. Because HomeDeco brings a lot of home inspiration to customers with the products offered, there is also a large group of regular visitors who come back for this service.

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6. Houzz (international)

Houzz is an American website and community for decorating your home. They try to inspire their customers/members and also invite them to inspire each other. With Houzz Pro you become part of this community and can reach a large target group with interest and passion for interior design and living. Houzz is active in a large part of the world and in several countries in Europe.

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7. VidaXL (international)

VidaXL sells everything for in and around the house. With over 120 million unique visitors a year who are specifically looking for products for around the house, you can be sure that your product will reach the right audience. VidaXL has fairly low commission costs and offers the possibility to sell your products in 27 European countries.

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8. Urban Outfitters (international)

Urban Outfitters is a well-known lifestyle retailer, aiming for a more urban cultural take on lifestyle items. Urban Outfitters is somewhat popular with a younger audience because of their assortment and culture. So if you want to reach a somewhat younger audience with your products, Urban Outifitters is an excellent marketplace. As a seller, you will use the Urban Outfitters Market, a platform specifically for sellers.

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9. Kaufland (international)

Through Kaufland you sell products on the largest and fastest growing marketplace in Germany. If only the Netherlands is your target group then you should go for another marketplace, but if you also want to reach German-speaking countries then Kaufland is the solution. With 32 million monthly visitors, this marketplace is a real crowd puller for your products.

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10. Conforama (international)

Conforama is the largest interior design supplier in France and is constantly trying to expand throughout Europe. Their marketplace has set up a special platform for entrepreneurs to manage their business. Known for quality furniture, Conforama has established strict quality criteria for sellers to meet.

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