Why sell through Kaufland? How do you sell successfully through Kaufland? Expand your e-commerce business abroad.


By Milo Zwemmer

Posted on 22 Februari, 2022

Undoubtedly you have heard of Kaufland. In the Netherlands slightly less known, but particularly in Germany, this retail giant cannot be missed. Kaufland has as many as 1,300 physical stores in europe and an online marketplace that attracts 32 million unique visitors a month. Based on this information alone, it makes sense to consider offering your products on Kaufland as well. To give you the best possible information about this marketplace, in this article we will take a closer look at selling through Kaufland.

What is Kaufland?

Kaufland is a retail group set up long ago in 1930 by Josef Schwarz to deal in colonial goods. The first supermarket opened in 1968 and since the 1990s they have already expanded widely with multiple branches and a growing range of products.

Why is it interesting to sell through Kaufland?

E-commerce in Germany

For starters, at least, it is already interesting to expand your business to Germany. Germany, with 85 million inhabitants, has a much larger market than the Netherlands. In addition, online ordering is not unknown to consumers in Germany, the total e-commerce turnover is twice as high as in the Netherlands. What you do have to take into account when selling in Germany are all the online laws regarding privacy, colophon, copywriting, data protection and data storage. In Germany, these laws are much stricter than in the Netherlands. Fortunately, there are plenty of specialized bureaus and agencies that can inform you and help you avoid a fine.

Sell through Kaufland

As mentioned earlier, Kaufland is an online marketplace with about 32 million unique monthly visitors, this alone means that by offering your products on this marketplace you reach a huge amount of consumers. In addition, Kaufland is making every effort to compete with Amazon DE and eBay DE, therefore the commission rates are quite attractive and the customer service is of good quality. Finally, in recent years Kaufland has worked with partners to make linking and transferring your products as easy as possible.

What products should you sell through Kaufland?

Kaufland is a retail group set up long ago in 1930 by Josef Schwarz to deal in colonial goods. The first supermarket opened in 1968 and since the 1990s they have already expanded widely with multiple branches and a growing range of products.

  • Mode & Lifestyle
  • Electronics
  • Garden & DIY
  • Kitchen & Household
  • Baby & Child
  • Living
  • Media & entertainment
  • Food
  • What does selling through Kaufland cost?

    Selling on Kaufland means paying a monthly sales fee of €39.95. In addition to these fixed monthly fees, you pay an additional 6.5 to 12.5% commission on each product sold. As with all other marketplaces, these commission rates depend on the product category your product falls into. It is also important to note that Kaufland maintains some additional rules. For example, Kaufland offers excellent customer service and logistical solutions, in return they have a strict policy regarding cancellations. You will have to pay penalties for too high a return rate. The moment too many orders are canceled, your sales account will be put on hold by Kaufland.

    How do you manage your Kaufland business?

    Once you start expanding your e-commerce business abroad, it is more important than ever that you keep an overview. Without the right insights and tools, it is almost impossible to manage your business on a large scale.

    Bol.com als integratie partner

    With FiveX's tools, you are able to manage your business (multichannel). You have the data of all your sales channels in one overview and can better manage profits with selected insights. FiveX recently realized the link with Kaufland. With this new integration you are able to expand your business to Germany without losing the overview of your business.

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