Trendfield extracts sales insights from FiveX


Seven years ago Julian Noteboom started selling hoverboards. After studying commercial economics, he wanted to expand this business. The name Trendfield came up and he started his own webshop. After two years, he also started selling through The company is on its way to grow through multiple sales channels. Therefore, it is important to have a good overview of sales. FiveX makes data structured to grow with.

Influence FiveX

Trendfield came to FiveX through a business coach. "My coach said, 'Hey guys, you should take a look at FiveX, because that's a good party to work with. Through them you get insight into all the sales data'." After this advice, Trendfield got to work with all the features within FiveX. "My first impression was good. Everything looked clear and modern. The program works very quickly, which is a big advantage."



No clear overview on one page

Trendfield started with a web shop on which they sold 600 products. Julian kept track of the data and results in his head. A big disadvantage, because it meant he couldn't consult with colleagues or easily see the data and results. "This took a lot of time and was not all structured in one place."


Transparent overview of all marketplaces

Through FiveX, there is a clear overview of sales data. With a few simple API entries, all KPIs are immediately visible on the dashboard. "We can see much faster what we can steer on and what decisions need to be made to boost sales."
Thanks to the clear dashboard, all data from all marketplaces are in one place, and Julian no longer has to do it all by heart.
Via FiveX, automatic e-mails with invoice can be sent to the customers. This also saves a lot of time and energy.


Fast and good overview of all data

FiveX made sure that all KPIs come together in a dashboard where you can easily and quickly see the data of your products.
"We no longer have to use analyses in Excel. It now only takes us an hour a week where we fill in the data and the rest goes by itself. In total, FiveX saves us about 5 hours a month."

It helps Trendfield get a good overview of sales.
"For each product we can see back how they are selling and, if a product is not doing as well, we can now easily identify the cause."

The automatic e-mail feature is an easy way of sending e-mails with the added invoice. This no longer needs to be done per customer, but can be sent all at once.
"Because of this feature, we are seeing a decrease in customer inquiries," he said.