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Integration partner

With Bol.com as an integration partner, we are able to convert all your sales data into useful analytics. Bol.com als integratie partner

With Bol.com as an integration partner, we are able to convert all your sales data into useful analytics. Bol.com als integratie partner

Solutions and possibilities

  • Up to date integration
  • Automatically load products and orders
  • Product research
  • Financial overview
  • Stock manager
  • E-mail manager
  • Collaborations for new features
  • Reporting tool

More about the collaboration

Bol.com opened its online doors on March 30, 1999. almost twenty years later, the store has more than 12 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium with a range of 34 million articles. About 47,000 sales partners sell through the sales channel and this will only continue to grow in the coming years.

FiveX helps all these bol.com sales partners to achieve the maximum result. The systems are set up on the latest API versions of bol.com. Thanks to the smart connection, you as a seller are fully set up in no time. Thanks to FiveX you are always aware of the latest changes.

Gold partner

FiveX is gold partner of bol.com, this means you can expect the following from us:

Product Research Tooling
 Closure of the bol.com white & grey spot list
 tools for optimization of (displayed) offers
 Integration & IT security meets bol.com gold partner requirements

Fully integrated business analytics

Thanks to a smart connection with bol.com, you always have the best insights into the results of your company. The moment an order is placed on your channel, FiveX will process this order in the system. All orders, returns, stocks and profit are collected in your FiveX business manager.  

Connect your store. 
Easily connect your Bol.com webshop with the FiveX software. Linking all your sales channels includes full integration of all your products and orders. This way you have an overview of your entire business at once.

Synchronise all data.  When the link is made, the assortment and the results are automatically retrieved. View the financial analytics for all your sales channels. Save time and discover where the most growth potential lies.

KPI based business management.
The various KPIs are shown for the entire business so that effective management of the range can be achieved. Optimize the account on gross margin in conversion and ROI.

We are proud of our partners.

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