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Sales results
Financial analytics dashboard

Without a clear understanding of the numbers, it is very difficult to run a business. The various mediation fees, price adjustments and discount offers make it difficult to get a clear picture of the results. With the Business Manager you always have insight into the profit. In addition, you get all sales results in an overview. Optimise your range for increased profits. 


Management Tool

Multi-channel management
Connect all your sales channels to FiveX

How do you get your financial insights from all your sales channels together in one overview? One of the great advantages of FiveX's tools is that you can connect all your sale channels. In this way, all your sales from all channels enter the our system and are brought together into a clear overview.

Compare periods
Financial Overview

Do you want to know how much more or less you have earned compared to a previous period? This is also very easy with the tool. The management overview clearly shows what your sales results are in comparison with the previous period. In addition to comparing the current with the past period, it is also possible to look back on the results of even earlier periods.

Business course


Profit calculator
The FiveX profit calculation

At FiveX, we don't just provide a financial overview of your online e-commerce business. We also want to help you calculate your total profit and costs as best as possible so that you can make a clear prediction of the actual profit. For this part of the financial insights, we have developed a profit calculator, a tool that shows a profit calculation with the use of clear graphs and diagrams.

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